Chronic Illness

Top Ten Flare-Up Essentials!

Something I get asked a lot is how I cope with a flare up of my chronic illnesses or what my go to items are when I’m not well. So thought I would share with you my top ten must haves that make not only a flare of my illnesses more manageable but some also make being a new mom easier too!

  1. A Body Bottle – (it’s a long hot water bottle that you can actually tie around your waist – revolutionary if you ask me!) Failing that a normal hot water bottle. Even better, a Body Bottle and a hot water bottle combined. I also keep some heat pads in my car and in my draw at work for emergencies. Why? Because heat makes everything feel better, even if it is temporarily any relief is better than nothing right?!
  2. Netflix – I could recommend a thousand films, documentaries and series. In fact I often post recommendations on my stories on Instagram (so be sure to check them out if you are having a Netflix and ill day yourself). Why Netflix? Because it is full of series to binge on, films you don’t need to fully concentrate on and who doesn’t love a crime documentary?
  3. A Slow Cooker – yes you read that right, a slow cooker is one of the best things I have ever owned. You literally throw ingredients in and leave it until it’s cooked/or whenever you are ready to eat. I often find that when I am in a flare I lose my appetite. Also by the time I have prepared and cooked a meal, I am often too tired to even eat. So this way I can have little and often when I feel like it and it is also really easy to cook more than we need to save for a day when I don’t feel up to doing anything at all.
  4. Lounge Wear
  5. A Bubble Bath
  6. Social Media
  7. A Comfy Blanket

What would you add to the list? Let me know!

Sam x

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